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The Archimedean point has its origin in a statement by the important Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse, who argued that he alone could lift the earth if he only had a fixed point outside the universe and a sufficiently long lever. In the meantime, this theory has firmly established itself as a scenario technique in strategy and concept development. Though in a modified form: The clearer and more precise your idea of the final result of a strategy or concept at a defined point in time in the future, the easier it will be for you, your managers, employees and external service providers to motivate yourself to support groundbreaking strategic changes or conceptual innovations over a long period of time and to actively participate in their development. And it is all the easier to look back at the present from the perspective of the future in order to make the right decisions and initiate the appropriate actions. The Archimedean Points activates imagination, perseverance, courage and inspiration.

This theory has been successfully applied by me and my team for years. Only those who can imagine what a future result will look like and what potential effects this result will have are in a position to actively transform their ideas into practive. This is the basic philosophy of our consulting practice. In our terms, the Archimedean Point is called BLUE BAY: a place of (entrepreneurial) purpose, a place for which it is worth taking even most difficult paths, a place that solves problems and transforms vision into reality. We support you on the way to your individual BLUE BAY. From strategy development and brand management to innovative real estate development.

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