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Developing visions and strategies is already challenging enough. However, it is the real art to successfully implement strategies with a customer-centered focus and to anchor them in the minds of all employees in the long term. Most companies fail on the threshold of implementing laboriously developed strategies. With more than 25 years of professional experience as a management consultant and manager in leading positions of various corporations, I have experienced, together with my network of highly competent specialists, how tedious the transformation of strategies and concepts into practice can be. We have successfully implemented this transformation process in numerous projects. It doesn't matter whether it is the strategic development of a company or a digitisation strategy. It doesn't matter whether you want to reposition your brand in the market or emotionalise your customers through experience-oriented marketing. And it doesn't matter if you wish to realise innovative residential and office properties or a trend-setting district development concept. The challenge is always identical, namely to successfully transform ideas, visions and strategies into reality. We are the right partner for this challenge.


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